problem pasting into wordpad

  helpmeplease 17:36 06 Jun 03

I cant paste from other programmes into Wordpad. When I try nothing is pasted. I have tried removing and re-installing Wordpad but it doesnt sort the problem.
Help appreciated

  matt5705 17:44 06 Jun 03

wordpad is not made for that sort of job it depends on wat ur paisting in but something like word or publisher may do it

  Valvegrid 17:45 06 Jun 03

Does the paste command work in other programs and what program are you trying to paste from? It may have a Bering on why it doesn't work.


  VoG™ 17:51 06 Jun 03

Are you sure that what you want to paste is being copied to the clipboard?

Copy then Start, Programs/Accessories/System Tools/ Clipboard Viewer.

  helpmeplease 19:32 06 Jun 03

Yes - the copy is displayed ion the clipboard
One place being copied from is Outlook Express

  VoG™ 19:40 06 Jun 03

In Wordpad is the Paste button "working" or is it greyed out?

Have you tried starting Wordpad, then copying from OE, then going back to Wordpad and Paste?

  helpmeplease 19:54 06 Jun 03

Yes the Paste button is active
Yes - I have tried opening Wordpad, copying from Outlook Extpress - then going back to Wordpad - but still nothing gets pasted!
Thanks for your interest

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