Problem with partitioned hard drive

  artistic 21:50 05 Apr 04

I have had my pc for a couple of years now. When I ordered it the shop advised that they partition the hard drive into 6 different drives. However, I am having a problem with the C drive filling up really quickly and there is never enough memory for instance to save and copy files on RealPlayer. Can this partition be reversed. I would be grateful for any advice. I use Win98se.

  SANTOS7 21:56 05 Apr 04

you would need a programme like partition magic to be able to merge or resize your partitions. you dont say how big your partitions are can you not move selected files and folders from your c/: drive to these other partitions whereby freeing up space that way

  Gongoozler 22:01 05 Apr 04

You can change partitions, but to do it without losing any data you will need to use something like Partition Magic click here. Sometimes you will find similar software on magazine cover disks, or you may be able to download a limited trial version.

Before you change your partitions, work out a plan of what you want to acheive. I certainly can't see the logic in having 6 partitions. I use 3. C: for Windows and installed software, D: for saved files, and E: for backups of C:. Before you change your partitions, it might be a good idea to fit a second hard drive. You can get a 30G drive for not much more than £30 click here. You could then transfer all your saved files to that, and then either rearrange the partitions on your existing drive, or reformat it, remake the partitions and then reinstall all your software.

  woodchip 22:04 05 Apr 04

and a PS, when you load a Program if you load to any other than C:\ it will still write some files to C:\

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