Problem opening Word Document marked PUB file

  freaky 21:16 12 Apr 05

The Wife needs to print some documents that were transferred from her old PC to a new PC.

For some reason they are now called Word PUB files, and when you open them all you see is a load of code !

Have tried opening them with Adobe Reader but they would not open. Would appreciate advice on how to overcome the problem.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:23 12 Apr 05

You need Microsoft Office (Publisher) on the computer or go here and sign up for 5 free PDFs;-)))) click here


  freaky 20:10 13 Apr 05

Thanks for that, fortunately I had Microsoft Publisher on my problem sorted.

Is there a way to convert these files so that they will print out in Word ?

  VoG II 20:12 13 Apr 05

File/Save As and select Word (or .rtf) as the file type.

  freaky 20:47 13 Apr 05

Thanks for the suggestion, but I clicked on one of the PUB Documents to highlight it, then clicked File. There was no Save option displayed !

  megat193 21:58 13 Apr 05

If the files were transferred from another pc, then they may be read only, in which case there might not be a save option. You did open the file in Publisher first, then try to save as .rtf??

  xquest 22:51 13 Apr 05

I use Word's 'Recover text from any file' facility (it's one of the 'Files of Type' entries) to extract the text from a Publisher file to a Word.doc file.

  VoG II 22:52 13 Apr 05

Open the file in Publisher, then click File and so on

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