Problem with NTL

  karim07 12:56 06 Apr 07

I have a wireless router that I want to connect to NTL modem, all are configured correctly but I can't browse the internet, if I connect my system directly to the NTL modem via USB cable it connects to the internet with no problem. I have not configured any static WAN/Internet IP address in the router. when I go to the web console of the roueter I find there and Internet IP address as, SubNet Mask as and Default Gateway as,
any advice from anyone will be highly appreciated,

  insyder 14:54 06 Apr 07

Have you enabled DHCP on the router? In a windows command Prompt type IPCONFIG /ALL, enter.
You should see you IP Address as 10.40.248.nn to match the router. If you see 169.nn.nn.nn then you're not getting an IP address from the router. After Enabling DHCP in the router, type IPCONFIG /RELEASE then IPCONFIG /RENEW in your command window. Hope this helps

  insyder 15:01 06 Apr 07

Forgot this - NTL will be 'seeing' your new MAC address, IPCONFIG will give you your MAC address which you need to CLONE into your router otherwise you have to re-register as a new computer - forgotten the address you type in for this, sorry. Something like click here

  karim07 17:49 06 Apr 07

ok i'll do that but i'm getting Internet IP address as, SubNet Mask as and Default Gateway as, if I'm not register then how i'm getting Internet IP address

  insyder 10:22 07 Apr 07

Looks like you're getting an address from your router, is your router getting one from NTL tho' Check in your router for the WAN address from NTL (mine used to be 80.4.100.n or similar) and the DNS address. If NOT then you're not talking to NTL. If you are, open a command window and type.. PING (google) you should get 4 replies. If you do you're connected but if you don't see anything in your browser then you have a problem with the DNS side (which turns the address into a web page) If you're getting an IP for NTL you may need to re-register or clone your original MAC address from your computer into your router. Good Luck.

  karim07 11:52 07 Apr 07

Yes my router is getting WAN IP as from NTL, but I can't brows

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