Problem with Norton (Symantec)

  shazza65 20:00 08 May 04

I currently run Windows XP with Office 2000. I have Norton Systemworks and Norton Firewall which are kept up to date. I access the internet via a router onto Telewest Broadband.

Today while my computer was booting up, after the IN CD package fired up, my system made a "error type noise" and a box came up on the screen from Norton saying; NORTON PROTECTION: ATTENTION!, with a red circle with an X on the left and the words, Access Denied, drive C:.

I have checked via Microsoft, to establish if I have a virus, which I don't, I have run Norton Virus check, this throws up no problems, my only other problem would suggest a currupt file.

The box only gives me the option to close it so I cannot find out anymore information - does anyone have any suggestions?

  stalion 22:09 08 May 04


  Gongoozler 22:13 08 May 04

This sounds like a description of your problem click here.

As an aside, you mention various protections on your computer, but you don't specifically mention antivirus software.

  GaT7 22:32 08 May 04

Gongoozler - Norton Antivirus [software] is a component of Norton SystemWorks. BTW, good link.

  shazza65 20:03 09 May 04

Thank you for that link, I've tried all what it said (got a bit confused) but think I've got settings back as they were. Error box does not come up now on reboot, however, I cannot clear out my "NORTON PROTECTED FILES" from the recyle bin like I used to, as the option is greyed out!
Any suggestions???

  GaT7 21:37 09 May 04

Try these:

I. Turn Norton Protection off and then on: 1. Right-click the NPRB and select Properties. 2. Click the Norton Protection tab and uncheck the 'Enable Protection' box. 3. Restart your PC.
4. Repeat steps 1 & 2, but this time check the 'Enable Protection' box. If this doesn't help try II. below...

II. Remove & restore Norton Protection: 1.
Right-click the NPRB and select Properties.
2. Click the Norton Protection tab and click 'Remove Norton Protection'. 3. Restart your PC. 4. Right-click the NPRB and select Properties. 5. Click the Norton Protection tab and click 'Restore Norton Protection.'

(NPRB = Norton Protected Recycle Bin)

  shazza65 22:17 09 May 04

Thank you for your advise, however still not getting me anywhere.

I couldn't uncheck the "Enable Protection box" because it was already unchecked. I tried checking it, restarting, but when I went back into it, it was unchecked - still "Empty Norton Protected Files" greyed out.

I couldn't do stage 2 of your suggestion because under the Norton Protection tab, there wasn't the option to "Remove Norton Protection" because it just wasn't there.

What I did notice though on boot up, my little icon "Norton Antivirus" on the bottom right hand side, had a red cross on it for while, but then went, on hovering my mouse arrow over it, it said that antivirus was enabled.

Not sure if this information makes a difference, all this has happened since:

1. Did a manual update of System Works on Wednesday when it advised I needed some Redirectar type update - which I did.
2. This needed a reboot and Microsoft Crash error came up saying my Nvidia card driver needed updating and directed me to the Microsoft update website. I ran the update option which stated I did not require any updates of any sorts.
3. One of my kids, bless her cotton socks - NOT!, decided to install CREATACARD because she JUST couldn't find a birthday card for one of her friends on the internet.
4. And then, because she couldn't find anything on CREATACARD, asked me to install the Winnie The Pooh Coloring Book CD Rom on the machine.


  GaT7 22:57 09 May 04

Is there any way to remove Norton protection, reboot & then re-enable it? May be present under a different tab?

If nothing works, & as harsh as it sounds, you may have to uninstall/reinstall NSW. I know that can be a hassle but it should solve your problems. But if you can wait awhile someone here may know better & tell you exactly how to solve this problem.

PS - Sorry for the confusion - the steps I gave you were probably for an older version of NSW! I've had some unpleasant experiences with NSW (the 2003 version) & decided it wasn't meant for me or my PC. Apart from the antivirus component it's just bloat-ware & trouble-ware IMHO.

  shazza65 23:05 09 May 04

I am running Norton System Works 2003 OEM but not had any problems up to now.

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