Problem with new laptop

  ronec 17 Jan 12

I have just received a new laptop. Whilst it was setting up it asked the question 'did I want to partition the drive' I adjusted the volume to two partitions. Problem now is I have four partitions. One small one with the back up files. Two small ones totalling 50GB and one 450GB empty that I cannot access. My computer hard drive is now virtually full. I am trying a Windows install and it is requesting where I want to install to. Trouble is it will not show the 450GB partition on the options, and there is no room on the other partitions. Where do I go from here?

  proudfoot 17 Jan 12

I suspect the 450GB partition needs converting from an unallocated partition to a logical partition using your paritioning software. I am assuming the 50 GB partition has your O/S on it.

  ronec 17 Jan 12

Hi romanby1. Yes it looks like all that is usually on the C drive has filled the 40GB allocated to that and some files to the 10GB 'E' drive. The 450GB partition says unallocated. So how do I allocate the empty space and give it a letter, if that is what I have to do. I have tried doing a re-install, but it has not changed the drive space.

  onthelimit1 17 Jan 12

Have a look at Secret Squirrel's answer to my question on a similar problem (albeit on XP) on Sep20 at 1020 on this thread may be a similar solution on W7.

  proudfoot 17 Jan 12

If you havn't got any partitioning software you will have to download it, though I am puzzled how you partitioned the drive previously. I use EaseUS Partition Master, download from Some Full software can be used for 30 days FOC. Open the software and click on the partition you want to make logical and click on the relevant section.

  ronec 17 Jan 12

Hi onethelimit. that link takes me to a news item

  onthelimit1 17 Jan 12

Not sure what happened to the link - I'll try again!


  ronec 17 Jan 12

Hi romanby. On initial boot sequence of new laptop (Windows 7), after all the usual language settings etc, a box opened asking whether I wanter to partition the drive. I clicked '2 partitions' and set the percentage volumes. When the system had finished loading, it stated 'E' drive was almost full. when I checked 'computer properties' it showed 'C' as only having 40GB and 'E' having 9.77GB. Obviously it was asking me, did I want to partition the 'C' drive further, but it did not make that clear.


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