Problem with nero 6 and dvd rw

  lahorie 16:25 12 Nov 05

Hi guys

Earlier today i posted about time length of dvd's. Now my nero smartstart won't burn onto a dvd. it picks up the dvd+rw ok but when it comes to burning it says please insert a cd rw disc.

Can anyone help??


  puma22 16:33 12 Nov 05

On the final burn settings page in nero express the top box 'current recorder', try chanig this. Click in the drop down box and select the dvd drive.
hope this helps

  lahorie 16:36 12 Nov 05

Thnx puma22

ihave mpeg, avi files. Will i need to convert to dvd format first?

  pj123 16:57 12 Nov 05

What version of Nero do you have? The latest version is and NVE latest is

Both of these updates can be downloaded from the Nero website, but note, they are about 35mb each.

You will need to download (at least) Package 1 and Package 2.

click here

  lahorie 21:19 12 Nov 05


ihave and NVE latest version.

Its saying i need a plugin for dvd???


  pj123 13:53 13 Nov 05

I must say I have not had that problem, although I have never tried burning to an RW disk, whether CD or DVD.

I use Sonic MyDVD and burn avi files to DVD-R with no problems.

I have just bought Pinnacle Studio 9 plus (£25 from Ebuyer) and am now in the process of trying to burn a DVD-R from there. Looks good at the moment. I did have Pinnacle Studio 8 but found the sound sync wasn't very good, (out by about 2 seconds).

Just been back on to the Nero site and see there are updates to but it says release date 14/11/2005. As it is only 13/11/2005 I haven't been able to download these updates yet? How did you get them so quick?

  Smiler 15:52 13 Nov 05

Always burn to dvd RW or cd RW to avoid coasters If the burn is OK then just copy the disc to DVD R or CD R as nessessary

"I have just bought Pinnacle Studio 9 plus"
Don't buy Studio 10 yet as there are so many problems :-(

  pj123 15:58 13 Nov 05

Smiler, I won't buy Studio 10 as I am on Win 98SE and Studio 10 is only for XP.

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