Problem with Nero

  edelinski-199425 18:23 03 Sep 04

I have Nero 6. and before couple days I was update him from Nero main page, and record some CD and all was all raight, but now when I try to record CD he start to record and after couple seconds stop and show message " POWER CALIBRATION". I have Windows 2000, if somebody know what this mean please help.

  Smiler 19:00 03 Sep 04

Try a branded make of disc and use a lower burn speed.

  Smiler 19:01 03 Sep 04
  edelinski-199425 20:43 04 Sep 04

I try everything and nothing, I was clean all and install again and still not work, and funy thing I have program "Burn4free" and he also not work, VWindovs mwdia player also can't burn CD's so now I dont know what to do, and evrithing else wor perfect

  MIke 21:25 04 Sep 04

How old is your cd writer?

My drive was like yours perfect, but slowly but surely errors such as you describe crept in. Despite re-installing Nero, re-installing windows trying various brands of media nothing solved the problem. Sometimes I could burn cds no problem, other times I was just making coasters. I also noticed the drive would make fairly loud thumping noises as the laser tried to recognise the disc. Whenever I heard those noises I knew burning would fail.

As my drive was a few years old and out of warranty I've just bought a new drive. Result: no thumping sounds and perfect burning again.

  bobby-c 21:27 04 Sep 04

hi i had his problem after swapping the ide leads and power leads and it still did not work i tried it in another pc and the same thing so i changed the cd writer and it worked so i think mabe your writer has gone sorry

  edelinski-199425 23:18 04 Sep 04

My writer is about 3. years old is a Philips
CDRW2412A, so now I have only option to buy another writer, and like you say its make lots noise when burn so he must go on holliday, I will by new writer and I hope then all gonna be just ok.Thank's people.

  edelinski-199425 18:31 08 Sep 04

My problem is fixed - I buy new rewriter and now work perfect, I burn about 15 CD and no problem, thanks you all for help.

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