Problem logging on to specific website

  exdragon 10:24 01 Aug 10

Hi - I'm trying to log on to the Direct Travel Insurance website (click here) to get a quote, but the relevant page hangs on loading. I've tried with Chrome, IE and Firefox but nothing works.

If it's something to do with cookies, how do I find out which one? It's the only site I have a problem with, and my other half, sitting two feet away can do it quite happily.

  exdragon 10:56 01 Aug 10

Huh! Don't think I'll bother - I tried using the laptop, and they only do single trips for 31 days if you're 65 or under.

Better check up on Bingalau's thread...

  exdragon 20:13 08 Aug 10

I think I may have said 'no' to some cookies at some time or another - when trying to long on to some sites, I get this: click here follwed by the website address. I think I also get 'doubleclick' mentioned.

In FF 3.68, as far as I can see, I have the privacy settings right, Tools>Options>Accept third party cookies, but as this happens with FF,Chrome & IE, does the problem lie elsewhere?

I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security 10 but can't find anything in there to change.

Using XP

  rdave13 20:26 08 Aug 10

Your link in your last post brings the website up ok for me. On your link it shows a clk.tradedoubler dot com. On my address bar shows as click here dot com. Changed the . to dot to hopefully stop it changing to a link.
Try setting IE as your default browser. If you use Ccleaner then check allowed cookies in that program then run it.
I'd also run malwarebytes and superantispyware.

  birdface 20:26 08 Aug 10

If it is not working with any of your browsers.Switch your Firewall off and try again.

Using Kaspersky check the Anti-Malware side to make sure it is not disabled on there .

  rdave13 20:28 08 Aug 10

That last link in my posting should show w w w tradedoubler dot com.

  exdragon 21:17 08 Aug 10

click here=[TD_AFFILIATE_ID]-[TD_PROGRAM_ID]-[TD_GE_ID]-[TD_GUID]&merchantid=RT-PC025825-&xtor=AL-40

This was the actual site I was trying to get to. Quite a lot of sites I try, instead of connecting, just open a tab which says, 'Click (GIF image, 1 x 1 pixels)

I'll try switching off the firewall, but presumably it's not a good idea to leave it off all the time.

  birdface 07:56 09 Aug 10

No just switch it off and see if it helps.
If it does its your Firewall setting.
If not probably your Kaspersky settings or your ISP.

  exdragon 09:34 09 Aug 10

buteman - I tried that last night, but it made no difference. If it's ok on the laptop, I suppose it must be Kaspersky, do you think? When I've got time, I'll cross check all the settings, as I have KIS on there too.

Thank you

  exdragon 07:35 20 Aug 10

KIS removed and reinstalled. Must learn to stop fiddling with settings.

  birdface 08:43 20 Aug 10

Thats how you learn.
Did it fix your problem or did it fix itself which it normally does.

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