Problem with Internet - ISP or Router?

  ~Jilly~ 13:36 01 Oct 07


New here and I wonder if anyone can assist. It would be much appreciated. Sorry if this is long-winded !!

Three computers running on XP. One desktop (wired to router/modem) and two laptops (wireless). Purchased new Router/Modem three months ago and all worked absolutely fine. (Belkin F5D863-4). Nearly three weeks ago, after all pc's working fine in the morning, I turned them all off and went out (router/modem left on). Came back and upon turning them on found I could not use the Internet properly. Emails (Outlook Express) working fine; Sky News and this site for some reason works. Not many others will work. I just get Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage and it continuously tries to load. I have phoned ISP and they are not helpful. They don't want to assist with technical help if I own a third party router. They say the line is ok and I am connected. Belkin say that the router is working fine as well. Status states connected and connection is excellent. I have disabled antivirus and firewalls, reset router back to factory settings, reset Internet Explorer. I can "Ping" some sites, but not others as they time out. I took back the router thinking it may be faulty and they replaced it, installed it as instructed and the same problem remains. This is the same on all computers. If I use dial-up, not through my ISP, it works absolutely fine.

I am at a loss now as I am not sure where the actual problem could lie.

Many thanks.

  rambus 13:49 01 Oct 07

i would suspect the modem that your isp provided. the reason beig that i had the same problem two weeks back. i am with virgin media. i had an engineer come out and he done a diagnostic check and replaced the modem to the latest one. been ok since. have you a friend or nieghbour on same isp who`s modem you could borrow for an hour, if you can and your system works ok then at least you have identified the problem

  ~Jilly~ 13:57 01 Oct 07

Many thanks for the reply. I don't know anyone really. I may have the original broadband modem somewhere which was a very basic one supplied when I first signed up to the ISP about 6 years ago. After we purchased the laptops that modem didn't allow for wireless, I changed it initially for a D-Link. That sort of died a death after about 4 years and hence the replacement with the Belkin. I will try and dig out the old modem and see what happens (that is if I didn't dispose of it). Perhaps I should have gone to my ISP (Orange) for a wireless router/modem?

Thanks for your help and I will see what I can come up with ;-)

  ~Jilly~ 15:22 01 Oct 07

I have searched for the old modem that Orange (Freeserve in those days) supplied me with. I don't seem to have it anymore.

  rambus 16:18 01 Oct 07

do you at present have as your set up a seperate modem connecting to a router connecting to your pc via ethernet cable ? If you do, omit the router and connect pc directly to the modem. if you still get no connection then i would say that the modem has a problem. If so contact your isp and request a new modem

  ~Jilly~ 20:21 01 Oct 07

At the moment my set up is the separate Belkin combined router/modem connected via ethernet cable to the main PC. This was purchased (not through ISP, but independently for nearly £200) with a Belkin Network Card (for one of the laptops as wireless was not built in). I just cannot understand why it all worked fine for a few months.

Thanks so much for your help - I will continue trying and see what happens ;-)

  ~Jilly~ 17:22 15 Oct 07

Just an update as problem still not resolved :-(

I have finally been able to borrow, for one day, the original speedtouch USB modem that orange (then Freeserve) supplied. I installed it, and the whole internet worked absolutely fine.

I have re-connected the Belkin router/modem and set that up - firstly using their automatic set up and then manual set up with all settings given to me by Orange. I am back to only being able to view a handful of webpages etc. All the lights on the Belkin are static blue as if it should be working absolutely fine. I am back to the same position as my original post. When I first purchased the Belkin, the set up was straightforward using their setup disk and like I said previously, it all worked fine for about two/three months.

Sorry to ask for help again.

  ~Jilly~ 21:03 17 Oct 07

Have resolved the problem. Belkin technical support were quite abrupt and rude so I have ditched their equipment. Got onto Orange and they finally said that the Belkin Router/Modem that I purchased will not work. Livebox received today with my continued broadband with them at half the monthly price I was paying. Orange were very good.

All up and running properly again.

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