Problem installing XP

  MAJ 07 Sep 11

It's an old PC, the hard drive died, I took out the old drive and installed an old 80 gig that I use for some backups (so I know it's working fine), then tried to install XP from CD.

The problem:

It boots okay from the CD, it checks configuration, Gives the option to format etc, then starts to load files, all as normal. Then it does the usual reboot where it's supposed to then continue with the setup, but instead of continuing setup, it starts the process all over again in a constant loop. It just boots from the CD each time.

I don't get the "Press any key to boot from CD-ROM" option on startup, it just goes straight to it and boots from the CD. I have tried changing the drives in the boot order, but it doesn't help. I have tried disabling FastBoot in the BIOS, I have tried holding down the Shift key during reboot, again nothing helps.

Has anyone any other ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 07 Sep 11

Take the CD out

  MAJ 07 Sep 11

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\, tried that already, it just said there was no operating system installed on any drives, hit any key to try again.

  MAJ 07 Sep 11

I think I may have cracked it. I changed the jumper on the hard drive from Master to Cable Select and XP is now happily installing on the drive. I can only assume that the drive, although showing as drive C when being asked where to install XP by the CD's setup procedure, wasn't being properly detected by the BIOS. The "Press any key to boot from CD-ROM" option has returned also.

I'll update when and if XP installs correctly or not.

  MAJ 07 Sep 11

All went well, it now has a lovely clean XP installation. Now to download and install all those updates and install all the software. I'm not looking forward to this part.


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