Problem installing W7 on ssd.

  radi8or 15 Nov 12

Hi all,

Bought myself a 250GB SSD and trying to install W7 on it, problem is it goes through loading files and the windows logo comes up (starting windows)

I get a glimpse of the green start screen and then the screen goes blank and reboots and starts loading files again.

Have tried changing ports and data cable.

One thing I must confess, I forgot to change over to AHCI in the bios before trying to install OS the first time.

Any tips ideas gratefully received.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15 Nov 12

  1. Power down

  2. Disconnect the old HDD

  3. Plug in the new SSD into lowest number sata port (SATA0), and attach power cable

  4. GO into BIOS and change all controllers to ACHI

  5. Power up with Windows 7 DVD in DVD drive

  6. Proceed to install Windows 7 on SSD

  7. Power down again once Windows 7 is installed

  8. Plug in HDD cable and power cord

  9. reboot and get your files from old HDD

  10. Install all drivers on new SSD, ie graphics card, ethernet card, printer, mouse, etc....

  11. Install your Protection programs (antivirus antimalware etc.)

  Chronos the 2nd 15 Nov 12

I would do number 10 before 8 and 9, far more sensible to have all drivers and updates etc installed before worrying about your own files.

  radi8or 15 Nov 12

Thanks for response FB, will give it another go after dindin.

Cheers ;0))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15 Nov 12


I was think more about getting the driver files from the old drive :0)

  radi8or 15 Nov 12

Cheers guys, just want my desktop back, squinting at a 10" netbook at the moment. :0)

  Chronos the 2nd 15 Nov 12

Fruit Bat

Windows 7 will install most and to be honest it is better to see if there are Windows 7 versions of any drivers not installed IE chipset.

  Miké 15 Nov 12

If the current system is ok why not clone your existing drive?


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