Problem installing PCTools firewall

  john bunyan 10 Oct 11

I was having a few problems with PC Tools free firewall installed in late 2009. I uninstalled it, having downloaded the latest version. I tried on several occasions to install it but it seemed to "hang" at the initialisation stage, with the Initialising splash staying on the screen for what seemed forever. Tried uninstalling with Revo but problem of installing persists. Now using windows (7) own firewall but liked PCTools so would like to solve it. Or if anyone can suggest a better free firewall for W7.

  gengiscant 11 Oct 11

I have used the built in Microsoft firewall for years without any problems. Have you had a particular poor experience with the firewall or are your needs such that you need something you are more confident with?

  john bunyan 11 Oct 11

gengiscant. When I had XP in early '09 and before, I used Comodo; it was a bit intrusive. I switched to W7 in late '90 and asked on these forums for advice re firewalls and at that time Zone Alarm (another popular firewall) seemed to conflict with AVG etc.Many thought that the w7 one could be improved upon and as I am not an expert, I decided upon a combination of Avira anti virus and PCTools firewall from replies here. Some said that the built in firewall only dealt with one way traffic. Anyway the combination worked well until recently, and I wanted to keep "the devil I know" in PCTools. In the meantime I am using the windows one.

  Woolwell 11 Oct 11

The XP firewall was one way. Vista and W7 Firewall is two way.

  rdave13 11 Oct 11

Try the free version of Win 7 firewall control. It give you easier control over the firewall. Can't help with PCTools though.

Sphinx 32 or 64-bit.

  john bunyan 11 Oct 11

Thanks for replies. I will probably stay with the W7 one for now.


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