Problem installing Norton 2007 update

  Hayrick 19:09 29 Jan 07

I have been using Norton Anti virus ever since I first ventured onto the net with Freeserve. I have been completely satisfied with it’s performance and it has never caused me any problems until now.
It was time to renew my subscription and it was suggested that I update from 2004 to 2007. Rather than install I saved the down load to install later. Attempting the install I was told to use Add and Remove to uninstall the 2004 version. On completion another try at installing 2007 I got the same message but it is no longer on Add and Remove. Tried a Restore and Add and Remove again with the same result. I am at a loss and feel that it looks like a C drive reformat and a reload Windows.
Any suggestions would that help me avoid that would be gratefully received.
Thanks in advance

  Hayrick 00:26 30 Jan 07

Thanks problem resolved

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