problem installing dropbox onto android tablet

  chrissy1 27 Jun 13

I have a samsung tablet and an android tablet and have same problem on both.

Downloaded dropbox from playstore.....Installation was going ok until it came to the bit where folder was downloading but it froze. After a while it said it couldnt connect to dropbox and to check I was connected to internet. I was connected to wireless internet and all my other apps emails browser working ok...Has anyone got a solution?

  chrissy1 27 Jun 13

Finally managed to sort this problem out and got things working at last.

Now how do I mark this post as resolved??

  spuds 28 Jun 13

You should see a tick at the side of the posting. If you click on that, it should show the post as been resolved.

Could I ask how you found the solution and what you did. It might be of interest to the forum members?.

  chrissy1 28 Jun 13

I had already downloaded dropbox to my laptop with no problems but different when it came to the two android tablets. At the point of downloading folder just wasnt doing anything. Uninstalled and reinstalled app on the tablets...same thing......Then I went into my music player where files are and clicked on icon in top right hand corner and clicked on share where i chose the dropbox option....ticked the tracks i wanted to put in dropbox and clicked the Share button. Small window came up..waited for the files to appear then clicked on add.From there transferred into music folder i created and they installed and transferred to laptop and other tablet. Better to share folders of music rather than single tracks though....

Cant see a tick mark to mark as resolved.

  chrissy1 28 Jun 13

Found it thanks Spud


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