Problem Hard drive on a laptop

  Madpad_001 17:44 20 Mar 03

I a old (8 Years)laptop that last week was runing windows XP fine. However this morning i went to start it up and it said no Operating system found.
So I rebooted with a boot disk went in to Fdisk but all it said was no fixed disk found.
So i then esc out & went to the command promt C:
which it happly did, so that leads me to belive the c drive is still there. So I tryed to format the c Drine in MS DOS but it came back as format can't be done. So I am stumped. is my Hard drive US or is there a virus on the drive? if so how do remove it?

  AndySD 19:42 20 Mar 03

Boot to the command Prompt


and type in DIR

and hit enter... Does it find anything?

  Madpad_001 13:03 22 Mar 03

Done as said it came back with 14 comand prompt is this surposed to happen???

  Madpad_001 13:05 22 Mar 03

ment to say came back with 14 Dir lists.

  Big Elf 13:16 22 Mar 03

I had this problem on my old laptop with similar error messages. If you know who manufactured the drive you could go to their site and they may have a drive testing tool to download that you can run from a floppy. This may confirm whether it's the disk that's failed or something else.

In my case it was a failed drive.

  AndySD 10:57 23 Mar 03

If you have a full windows cd boot with it and choose the repair the prompt type


and hit return.

  Madpad_001 13:16 24 Mar 03

Many thanks for help, Back My hard drive has gone to a better place (The Bin) so I am just goingtogo buy a new Laptop. Once again thanks forour help.

  Big Elf 10:35 25 Mar 03

It may be possible to fit a new drive and it's worth checking that out before binning it

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