The problem of Google not responding

  haricot 08:20 27 Jul 13

Surely someone somewhere must know how to solve the problem of "Google Not Responding" or is this "unsolveable" ?

It is driving me nuts. I use CC Cleaner and Microsoft Security Essentials pretty regularly to try to ensure that I am clear of the " nasties" but I am still plagued with very regular "Google Not Responding" . sometimes it is also Internet Explorer Not Responding but mainly Google.

I am no Technophobe so find it difficult to deal with this sort of stuff anyway but if anyone can throw any light on the subject , I would be very grateful.

  haricot 08:54 27 Jul 13

Thanks Jockle, that was quick.

No is the short answer. As I said I am not technically minded so have always steered a bit clear of those sort of things,only because I would'nt know how to deal with them

I was rather hoping you (or someone) would know what CAUSED my problem so that a remedy based on the cause could be applied.

I am nonetheless very grateful for your reply.

  haricot 08:56 27 Jul 13

There you go you see......what the hell is a PCA site ?

  haricot 09:17 27 Jul 13

Having had a quickscan at this , all I can add is that when using CC CLEANER , I also run the Registry part of it and it always show NO ISSUES.

so can I assume that sorts that one out ?


  alanrwood 09:47 27 Jul 13

PCA = PC Advisor.

No you can not assume it sorts it out (unless it has done so of course. Proof of pudding etc)

If it doesn't the do as advised earlier. Google "Malwarebytes download free" and download the free edition. Install it and do a full scan.

It is not possible to tell you what causes this as there are myriads of possibilities. The advice given so far is to eliminate lots of them and reduce the possibilities which are left. If it does not work then we go on to the next stage.

  onthelimit1 10:38 27 Jul 13

Are you using Internet explorer, if so which version - ( IE, Tools, about IE). Have you tried with a different browser such as Google Chrome? If not, suggest you install it and try that. I've always found it more reliable than IE.

  Woolwell 11:02 27 Jul 13

Google not responding - Is this after you have done a search?

No one has asked what your download speed is. This could affect it.

Jock1e - the question was about Google not PCA.

  Ian in Northampton 12:15 27 Jul 13

If it affects both IE and Chrome, I'd suspect a broadband issue of some kind. Have you tried rebooting the router?

  spuds 12:43 27 Jul 13


There are no quick fix solutions to most of these often annoying problems, it is a case of elimination by process, if possible.

What's your operating system is XP Vista W7, telling us that might help a little?

Here's a couple of links that might be worth a look. On the first link turn the sound down if it gets annoying.

click here

  spuds 12:47 27 Jul 13

For some reason, neither links work. Perhaps someone else can do a recheck?.

  spuds 12:52 27 Jul 13

Hopefully I have got the first link to work, the second majorgeeks link, still having a problem?.

1st link click here

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