Problem getting in to Bios

  Dazwm 17:35 10 Sep 03

My computer won't let me get into the Bios. I think I am doing it right but could someone confirm how to do it. I am running XP Pro.

Many Thanks

  -pops- 18:02 10 Sep 03

What is it you are doing?

The procedure varies with the model of motherboard but often consists of pressing delete as soon as the machine starts up. The exact button to press is shown on the bottom of the first black and white screen that appears when you switch on.

  Steven135 18:10 10 Sep 03

Following Pops advice should get you in but just a long shot I had trouble because I was using a cordless keyboard when I plugged in an old PS2 one problem was resolved.

  Dazwm 18:12 10 Sep 03

I have got a cordless keyboard but haven't got a normal one. What do I do now!!??

  -pops- 18:17 10 Sep 03

You will have to beg or borrow one. I doubt there is a way to do it with a cordless k/board as it uses a facility that is not installed at the point that you want to use it.

  Steven135 18:24 10 Sep 03

You can pick up a PS2 keyboard for just a few pounds and it would be worthwile having one on hand as you have unfortunately found out.

Are you having any particular problem at the moment that makes getting into the bios urgent? If you are there are many wise heads here.

  keith-236785 18:35 10 Sep 03

if your cordless keyboard is usb the do as -pops- suggested

if it is a ps2 connection then it should work

try unplugging the keyboard and plug it back in.

good luck

if you have a ECS motherboard you need to press del then enter

good luck

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