Problem with a game - doesn't work

  Sheila-214876 14:17 07 Jan 04

Brian Lara Cricket. My friend has bought this game and although his computer is far in excess of the Minimum Requirements as stated on the box it doesn’t work. On running the game it gets as far as two Umpires *!@:ing the coin but then all he gets is the same two umpires folding and unfolding their arms continuously. The keyboard doesn’t respond, the mouse doesn’t respond and the joystick doesn’t respond. The only way out is to switch off the computer and reboot which obviously invokes “scandisk”. It runs on Win 95/98 or ME, he has Win98SE, duron 1400, 128mb ram, 32x CD rom, directx 9 and an 80gb hard drive. Is this a game problem or a computer problem. The minimum requirements are Pentium 200, 4x CD rom, 16mb ram, direct x 6 or above, 90mb of hard disk space, mouse and keyboard.

  soy 14:57 07 Jan 04

What graphics card has he got and what driver is he using?

  Mr.Scoobs 15:06 07 Jan 04

try it on another computer. see if that helps

  Sheila-214876 15:08 07 Jan 04

Hi soy, it's onboard graphics which I think is a SIS 630. I also notice we are still getting these square boxes instead of apostrophes and I have just seen that an innocent word like tossing (as in tossing the coin) has become *!@:ing. What is going on?

  Sheila-214876 15:13 07 Jan 04

Mr.Scoobs, done that. Have tried it on two other computers with different specifications, still no go, although I have now given the disk to someone who is a dedicated gamer to try. Still awaiting the outcome. Although with the minimum requirements specified I would have thought anyones computer these days would be able to cope.

  soy 15:14 07 Jan 04

I'm not really sure but I don't think the on-board graphics is able to cope with this game.

Try updating the graphics driver.

Log on to the game makers website and see if there are any patches.

Other than that, I think a new AGP graphics card is the way to go.

  Sheila-214876 14:37 08 Jan 04

Have just had some feedback from my gamer friend. It appears that "today's" computers are too good for these "old" games. The main problem appears to be AGP graphics cards. It seems this game needs either a 4mb PCI card or a 4mb ISA card. That is quite a large step backwards, so I think the games are going to be returned (he has 5 of them) So, thanks to all for the input so far.

  ©®@$? 14:43 08 Jan 04


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