Problem with Free Zonealarm

  Chas49 13:36 14 Dec 08

I am trying to get my desktop 'see' the laptop. When I click on the Desktop My Network it displays the usual icons but no icon for the laptop. The laptop screen has a Zonealarm box come up saying that it has blocked access to Port 139 - help would be appreciated if anyone can tell me how to overcome this.

  brundle 13:59 14 Dec 08

Add your local area network to the Trusted zone. Can't detail that precisely as I don't use ZA.

  Chas49 15:43 14 Dec 08


Thanks for the reply. No joy, I'm afraid

  brundle 15:48 14 Dec 08

What version(s) of Windows?

  Chas49 15:56 14 Dec 08

Desktop 1: Vista Home
Desktop 2: XP Home
Laptop: XP Home

Desktop 2 is 'seen' by Desktop 1. Firewall in this case is Comodo

Laptop is not seen by Desktop 1: In this case Firewall is Zonealarm.

Thinking of installing Comodo on laptop - good idea?

  brundle 16:14 14 Dec 08

I can't advise on firewalls, I don't use anything other than built-in (I'm sure plenty of people on here would advise me against doing so).

There are a couple of things that can cause problems networking XP/Vista machines, covered here; click here

  Chas49 16:41 14 Dec 08


Thanks for your help - I don't know what I wouyld do were it not for ther good peole on this forum.

I did, in fact, uninstall Zonealarm and installed Comodo instead - now working as needed. IMHO Comodo is far better to understand than Zonealarm.

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