problem formatting hard drive

  eddie937 22:00 26 Jun 09

Good evening everyone.
I am using xp and i wish to format my hard drive, however during setup of xp it cannot find my hard drive.
Any ideas?
Many thanks.

  lotvic 22:20 26 Jun 09

Check the cables are plugged in firmly.

Look in the Bios and see if it is listed in there.
If the bios can't find it XP's got no chance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:30 26 Jun 09

If its a sata drive then you may need to load the sata (raid) drivers at the F6 prompt when installing XP.

  eddie937 22:46 26 Jun 09

Opened the beast up and all is ok. Went into BIOS aswell and it is there.

Fruit Bat /\0/\.
It is a SATA drive so i will try and load the raid drivers at the F6 prompt.

Thanks for helping.


  T I M B O 22:51 26 Jun 09

May i ask if you put the xp cd in and rebooted the pc to perform this clean install ??

  eddie937 17:07 04 Jul 09

I have tried to load them but it says insert floppy. I have been to several computer shops and they said that floppys are old and they dont sell them. Is there anyway of getting around this?


Yes i did put the cd in and rebooted. Is this incorrect?


  norman47 17:33 04 Jul 09

on a memory stick or card

or even burn them to cdr.

  eddie937 22:48 04 Jul 09

ive tried to look for the drivers but i havent got a clue what im looking for
ive been onto the asus website but it asks me questions im not sure where to get the answers for. i downloaded a device genie but it said i had to pay for the privelage lol


i have an asus av8 k8t800 pro chipset support cd

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