Problem formatting DVD's with InCD

  Skeletor 16:59 31 Dec 04

First of all I'd like to wish all forum members a prosperous and happy new year, and many thanks for all the help you've given me over the last couple of years.

Now to my current problem.

I don't seem to be able to format DVD's using InCD. Whenever I try, the message appears 'Error writing the disc in F:\ Please confirm that the disc is compatible with the drive and is not scratched or damaged'. I know it's not the discs as up until two weeks ago they worked fine, also when using Nero 6 (verion 6603) to backup to DVD, that also works fine. I have tried everything: Uninstaling/reinstalling InCD (latest version 4305), I've used InCD Clean tool, System Restore, even uninstalling SP2, as the problem started about the time I Installed SP2, although that maybe just a coincidence. I know InCD had a Problem With a WMP7 plugin, does the same plugin exist in WMP10?

My burner is NEC ND2500A.

Any help much aprreciated.

  ACOLYTE 17:03 31 Dec 04

Can you format a DVD? i know DVD/RW is that what u mean or just DVD-R.You can have multisession disc's DVD-R but if finalised there isnt a lot you can do after.

  Skeletor 17:25 31 Dec 04


It is DVD+RW's (Packard Bell) that I'm having the problem with (I don't have any others to experiment with at the moment). As I said, these worked perfectly fine until a couple of weeks ago, and now I get the InCD error message.


  ACOLYTE 17:29 31 Dec 04

click here

does this help?

  Skeletor 18:23 31 Dec 04


Tried everything there, still no joy!

I am a bit confused about the suggestion to uninstall WMP 10 (I thought it was an integral part of XP)as the only option is to roll back to version 9...which I did, but I've no idea how to avoid the Adaptec Driver component being installed.


  ACOLYTE 18:35 31 Dec 04

WMP 10 is an upgrade not an integral part as for the Adaptec bit i think its installed with wmp 9 and 10,but having said that it still should allow the cd/rw to do its job.I would like to know how you reverted to wmp 9,as you may have not reverted the adapted codec as well just the player.Having said that i have wmp 10 with codec and although nero 5.5 i have no probs formating dvd/rw disc' can you check your player is supported by nero,and if there is an upgrade.

  Skeletor 19:11 31 Dec 04

I reverted to WMP9 by removing it in Add/Remove in Control Panel but the only option was to roll back to 9 from 10. When I then reinstalled 10 there was no option to not install the Adaptec driver.

I can't find anywhere on the Nero site what burners they support, but anyway everything was working fine till a couple of weeks ago, so I guess that InCD, NEC 2500 and Packard Bell DVD's are fully compatible. It's something else that I've done, but the only thing I can think of is installing SP2, which I have now uninstalled because of this problem.

Hope this is all clear

Thanks for your patience

  ACOLYTE 19:19 31 Dec 04

click here

this is what i found for supported drives with nero clcik the drop down list for Nec found 2100a but not 2500a.

  Skeletor 19:30 31 Dec 04

Seems my searching ability is not much to write home about.

It also seems that the 2500a IS supported (14th up from 2100a)


  Skeletor 15:43 01 Jan 05

Last try before I reinstall XP.

If there's anyone out there without a hangover (or any masochists with) who might know the answer I'd be grateful.


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