Problem with Firefox and error message

  playmofire 11:14 AM 01 Sep 11

In the last few days, when ever I open Firefox before it will open the message "EXC in ev handl:TypeError: this.oroot.enable is not a function" appears in a pop-up which has to be closed before Firefox will open. The same happens when I click to enlarge the photo of an item for sale on eBay. Does anyone else have this problem which appears to have started after a Java update.

  birdface 11:43 AM 01 Sep 11

Try updating it to the latest version.6.0.1

maybe that is what it is trying to do without success.

  birdface 11:48 AM 01 Sep 11

If you have McAfee site advisor in add ons disable it and see if it works.

Looks like a possible problem with McAfee but if you do not use it it is obviously not that.

  playmofire 12:55 PM 01 Sep 11

Thanks, Buteman, for the replies.

On the pop-up top left it has [Javascript application] which is what makes me think it's Javascript. Disabling McAfee site advisor makes no difference.

I take it you meant upgrade Javascript to 6.0.1, but looking at Add-ons in Firefox it seems to be at 6.0.26, which presumably is a more recent update than 6.0.1, or is it? Various versions of 6.0.1 are there, e.g. 6.0.10, 6.0.15, 6.0.17.

It was after a number of recent Java updates that the problem appeared.

  birdface 13:14 PM 01 Sep 11

Nope mine just updated yesterday 31st august and it says 6.0.1

Did you restart firefox after you disabled Site advisor.

  birdface 13:16 PM 01 Sep 11

I meant update Firefox not Java. My version for that is version 7.0 so maybe remove all old versions of Java and install the latest version.

  playmofire 15:07 PM 01 Sep 11

I've just checked for updates of Firefox and the answer was that I'm running the latest version.

No, I didn't restart Firefox after disabling SiteAdvisor as the system didn't tell me to.

Checking on Firefox forum shows this problem has been about for some time.

  playmofire 15:10 PM 01 Sep 11

However, clicking on About Firefox, it says I'm using 3.6.21!

  birdface 16:01 PM 01 Sep 11

Firefox is now Version 6.0.1 so not sure why it would not update unless of course you are happy using the 3.6.2 version.

  sheraz.civnom 13:55 PM 02 Sep 11

Just uninstall your current firefoxx, restart your computer and reinstall the latest version from mozilla.



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