Problem with file transfer wizard

  barkerh 08:09 02 Dec 06

I have a new dell computer and after a lot of problems dell suggested the only option would be for me to re install window xp media center again. I duly saved all my data using the files and settings transfer wizard requesting files only. It saveed them as : IMG00001.DAT, IMG00002.DAT, IMG00003.DAT and so on and I burned them to DVD. On coming to reinstall them the computer gave me a message "Transfer in progress, please wait while the Wizard transfers files and settings". Almost immediately thereafter I received the following message: "Please insert Disk 1". And then a final message: "The disk you inserted in not the correct one, insert Disk 1".I had two disks so I tried the other first but to no avail. I have seen several posts on various websites that other people have had similar problems but cant seem to find a solution. Can someone help with this as I really dont relish the idea of loosing all my files!! - thanks in anticipation Helen

  skidzy 08:15 02 Dec 06

Have you tried inserting the discs and see if it will boot from the disks ?

Also make sure your Microsoft updates are upto date.

  skidzy 08:26 02 Dec 06

Sorry just done a little research and it seems its a much bigger problem than i first thought.maybe this will help:

Just thought I would post my .bat that I used to help someone out. I am trying to make everything as simple as possible.
the UNC folder is the store, not the DAT. I think this is where a lot of people are getting confused.

I put these files in a folder I called "FAST" on root.
So I have a tree that looks like this
Be aware that the USMT2.unc Folder will contain two files \IMG00001.DAT and \status.
I then created a batch file called "convert.bat" that contained this string.
fastconv /s:USMT2.UNC /d:destination /t:c:\FAST\Temp
So now my tree looks like this

I double clicked the batch file and let her run. It will create a folder called destination and a temporary folder called "Temp" that will be deleted at the end of the process. This restored everything. to the "c:\FAST\destination" folder.
For those of you with multiple UNC folders, try doing one .dat file at a time, move the other ones out and just name everything like I have above. Hope this works for you all.

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  barkerh 08:31 02 Dec 06

I am sorry but I am a relative computer novice - I can do the basics but that was way over my head - can you talk me through this process in simple terms and I will try it - sorry to be such a dummy!!

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