problem with external hardrive

  Steve C 13:33 11 Apr 05

I have an external usb h/drive running on win 2000 pro but when i switch it on the whole system switches off and reboots.After it finishes booting up i end up with a message stop 0x00000050 page fault in non page area.Left off the sys boots normal. Have tried it on another machine and it works normally any ideas please.
Have tried format "c" drive still the same.
All other usb hardware works ok

  recap 14:11 11 Apr 05

Check to make sure the Driver for the device is compatible with W2k.

  jack 14:22 11 Apr 05

what do you have on this drive.
Is it storage or do you have a 'system' on it?

As a USB item it should simply place a drive icon in My Computer.
However if you have a System on it, it is trying to boot.?

  Indigo 1 14:26 11 Apr 05

Yes I agree with jack and would like to add that one O/S on a HDD cannot be used to boot two different systems as the necessary drivers will not be the same.

  Steve C 12:40 12 Apr 05

hi guys its only used as storage
today ive reformatted c again will try ext h/drive later.
what i did notice was that the driver for it was a generic driver while on the other machine it was a specific one and that worked perfectly
but if it uses the generic this time how do i change it

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