Problem with excel

  ponytail 12:51 PM 01 Jan 13

I keep a running account of my bank statement on excell but when I was updating it today one of the cells ended up having very large figures in bold writing it is only this particular cell I deleted the whole column and retyped it but still the same.I did another four rows below it and they were all fine why would this happen to one cell.

  Noldi 13:07 PM 01 Jan 13

Sounds like when you updated that particular cell had its format changed.


  wiz-king 14:44 PM 01 Jan 13

Click on the columm letter to highlight the whole column, then set the size, font and bold to what you want. It is easy to set a cell by mistake.

  bumpkin 15:00 PM 01 Jan 13

Excel is brilliant in my opinion but can be complicated. If you intend to use it a lot get a book from PC World "Guide to Excel" or something like that, yellow cover, got one somewhere but can't find just now or would give you the name. It covers just about everything using Excel and it is amazing what this program can do.

  compumac 17:28 PM 01 Jan 13

Select a cell with the correct format. Right click on THAT cell and select the format brush, the cursor will display a brush. Click on the offending cell and this will format the cell with the copied format.

  ponytail 08:44 AM 02 Jan 13

Thanks compumac that did the job


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