problem with dvd disc

  tomleady 13:25 22 Mar 04

I recently made a backup of a game on a Imation dvd-r. i then made another backup for my mate using another dvd-r. Not an Imation.

I gave it to my mate, and it just doesnt work on his computer. but works fine on mine. when you put the disc in his dvd drive, it just doesnt recognise there being a dvd there. but it loads fine in my dvd drive.

The only thing that appears different is that, the Imation dvd is Version 1.1, and on the new disc, it says Version 2.

The Imation disc works fine for both, but the "Version 2" disc doesnt work in his.

any ideas? is it somethign to do with his dvd reader? his drive is a 16x.

Thansk for any help, sorry if i havent been very clear!!


  pj123 14:06 22 Mar 04

Apart from it being illegal, I doubt whether you will get much help on here.

  tomleady 14:46 22 Mar 04

and i didnt think of that.

i understand if FE closes it down.

i apoligise in advance for breaking the protocols and T & C.


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