Problem with downloading music from this site

  Dark Avanger 09 Feb 11

My new laptop is a window 7. My old laptop is an xp and can download from my favourite site called nico sound.the link to the site is hereclick here. The problem is my new laptop can't download from there. the button with the mp3 with some japanese wording is the downloading button. When I clicked on it, the option to open and to save does not appear but it only appear if I use my old laptop. My new one does not appear that option. I want to know how to slove the problem. Please help me!

  Terry Brown 09 Feb 11

I guessing that as Nico sound is a P2P site and the music is supplied without paymment, it is an illegal download and may not be secure enough for windows 7 security to pass.

XP security is not quite as secure.


  Dark Avanger 11 Feb 11

Thx. But i don't think that could be a problem. You see, i have successfully downloaded from other non payment webste like mediafire and others.But site like nicosound and music raid cannot.the music which i download is sung by online singers. So that site is the only site which we fans, can download from. When i first bought my laptop, my pc could not even download from site like mediafire which i now can when i download window media player 2011. So i just think my pc lacks a certain program like window media player 2011. Thanks to that program i can download music but not from nicosound or music raid. My old laptop is given to someone else. so i can't use my old laptop to download it. I have tried my best to slove this problem. But, i just can't . Please reply if you know the answer thank you.

  BRYNIT 11 Feb 11

I've just been to the site and had no problems clicking on a download using Win7 pro so the OS is not the problem.

It could be anything.

Are you using a different firewall or AV program.

  Dark Avanger 12 Feb 11

All I know my firewall is not the problem. Because I once turn off my firewall and load to that site to try to download it. Still the option did not appear. First I use norton trial antivirus, then malware program which are both delected and now avg.the result is the same. The firewall I turn off that day wasn't the avg firewall.


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