problem with domain name &btinternet

  palinka 27 Apr 11

A month or so ago I moved to btinternet. (I know, I know!) & I keep getting error messages because I use a domain name. The domain name is used simply as a forwarder and I have used it for at least 7 years with 2 previous ISPs. I tell the host (123-Reg) where the mails sent to the domain are to be delivered and they are delivered there. I do not log in to the domain and the emails are not “stored” –they are simply forwarded. Btinternet customer service seem incapable of understanding this.

In fact the emails addressed to my domain name are arriving into my btinternet Inbox, exactly as they should, but btyahoo broadband sees the domain name as a different account and has an attack of the vapours.

And one of their “helpful” customer service men changed settings in such a way that I now cannot send from that domain name – I have to send all my emails from my btinternet address. Yet when I first signed up to Bt I had no difficulty sending from the domain name.

I complicate the issue by using msgtag. Do other btinternet users successfully use domain names, and if so, how?

  palinka 27 Apr 11

REalise I posted about same problem on March 14 '11, when I thought all was OK; current problem caused since then, because a different btinternet man said words to the effect "oh no, bt don't like that sort of thing" and changed settings that had been set by first man!

  palinka 02 May 11

No-one seems interested, but I've now solved things myself - though at the expense of not sending emails FROM my domain name. I'll close this thread (does tick resolved still exist?) and I've given some info in a new thread of the same name in Consumerwatch.

  Yokel 03 May 11

Had you 'verified' your domain name 'from' address with BT? Surely BT's help desk would have told you about this so it might not be the answer or I may have misunderstood the problem..,401,412,418/a_id/10903

  Graham. 03 May 11

Yokel link

  palinka 04 May 11

thanks very much, Yokel. No, BT had not mentioned this, but FE replied when I transferred the topic to Consumerwatch, and he suggested it. Haven't got it quite sorted yet (been rather busy on other things) so thanks very much for your link.


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