Problem with default internet email?

  Chris-203515 08:58 21 Apr 04

Using XP,OE6&IE6.When I click on "Mail" on IE toolbar it defaults to MS Outlook. OE is not available under "Tools,Internet options,Programs" Is there a way to reset OE as default internet email? Thanks all

  Taff36 09:06 21 Apr 04

To use Outlook Express from your Web browser

You can set Outlook Express to be your default e-mail program, so that whenever you click an e-mail link on a Web page or choose the e-mail command in your Web browser or newsreader, Outlook Express opens.

Likewise, you can set Outlook Express to be your default newsreader, so that when you click a newsgroup link on a Web page or choose the newsreader command in your Web browser, Outlook Express opens.

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the General tab.
In the Default Messaging Programs area, click Make Default for news or e-mail.

  Chris-203515 09:27 21 Apr 04

Hello Taff Regret to say this hasn't worked

  Taff36 09:56 21 Apr 04

Try this one then: In IE TOOLS>OPTIONS>Programs tab and select outlook express from the drop down boxes.Also note the tick box at the bottom.

  Chris-203515 11:39 21 Apr 04

For some reason OE does not appear in the drop down box, only MS Outlook

  Taff36 13:27 21 Apr 04

Looks like you need to reinstall OE6. Make sure you back up your messages and address book before you do so. Unless someone else comes up with another fix.

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