problem copying with my DVD writer,optorite dd0203

  habs 22:56 17 Mar 04

Hi everybody

Please help. I have DVD writer optorite model: dd0203.

From the last week until now i am unable to create any cd,or DVD at all.

When i tried to create CD,or DVD, in the first it lokks OK, then an error come up saying:

Optorite DVD writer dd0203 could not perform fixation,then another error saying:power calibration error,again third error saying: session fixation error.

I don't see all these error the same times,i can see them randomely. One time i see the 1st error, second time the other error etc....

I don't know what these error means.

Can you please help me.

Thank you so much for your help in advance.

My kindest regards

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