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Problem with copying to CD-RW disks

  LJS 17:17 27 Jan 03

As you will be able to tell from my question, I have just bought a home computer and wanted to copy some photos scanned in to my machine on to a blank CD-RW disk. When I put the disk in my CDRW D drive a message comes up saying device not ready. Why doesn't it reconise that there is a disk in it? Do I have to format the disk like the 3 1/2" floppy disks. I have used my CDRW drive for recording music on CDR disks and it is ok. What am I doing wrong?

  Lozzy 17:23 27 Jan 03

Check there is no dust or scratches on the CD.. Also try another and see what happens..

  LJS 17:28 27 Jan 03

Thanks but I've already tried that.

  User-312386 17:39 27 Jan 03

1st things 1st can we have your operating system, what software you are trying to use?

  Diemmess 17:40 27 Jan 03

Confess I don't use the re-writer bit of my burner that much.......When I first tried I was baffled until I realised that Re-Writer disks require different software and pre-formatting before you can drag and drop anything to disk.

In my case I must use InCD instead of Nero Burning.

I hope this helps.

  wawadave 17:43 27 Jan 03

what o/s are you useing?
do you have a burning program? if so witch one?
if your useing xp it has one built in.
you should not have to format the disks. in fact
formating cd-r disks renders them completely unuseable. you only format cd-rw disks.
and this new computer are you sure it came with
a cd burnner and not just a reader?

  LJS 17:52 27 Jan 03

OK thanks everyone. Firstly I use windows 98 and the software I was using for my photographs was Arcsoft Photostudio. I have definitely got a cd burner and the software I use for burning cds onto cd-r disks is Nero 5. It seems I need to format my cd-rw disks so how do I do this?

  €dstow 18:07 27 Jan 03

Can't see any point in using CDRW disks - creations of the Devil. As CDRs are so cheap, why not just use them?


  barrie_g 18:24 27 Jan 03

format them the same way as you would a floppy right click the drive and click format.

  Bapou 19:59 27 Jan 03

You have Nero 5 so you don't have to format your disc anyway. Launch Nero, and start a 'multisession' this allows you to drag and drop your pics. Next time continue the multisession with the same disc.

  LJS 20:59 27 Jan 03

Thank you all. I agree with £D - aalmost no hair left. I tried to format them as per barrie g but no go. When I click on the D or E drive and do file, instead of 'format' in the drop down window, it says 'eject'. So I was stumped. Anyway I have managed to put my photos on to CD-RW using Nero 5 as per Bapou so mission acomplished.

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