Problem cancelling Napster free trial

  Trikie 22:44 14 May 08

According to the e-mail that confirmed registration of a free one month trial to cancel within the time I just "Click this link and go to the pop-up at the bottom of the page".

However there is no pop up on the page that appears. Going to "Contact us" there is a set of standard e-mails on offer, one of which is to cancel the account. This requires me to be signed in, but even when I do I still get the message that I need to sign in.

I have tried signing in then going to the "Contact us" and also signing in after, but every time I just get the message that I must sign in.

Has anyone any experience of this problem or any idea how I can contact Napster? I have used the e-mail Reply to their original confirmation but suspect that this is an automated system and will not respond.

Try phoning them on 020 7365 1079.

I have called them a few times and always found their customer support team to be spot on.

  Trikie 22:58 14 May 08

Thanks [email protected], I'll give that a try in the morning.

  Trikie 13:42 15 May 08

Mission finally accomplished. Phoned -recorded message gave details of what to do on the website - final screen in the link said "please phone to cancel"!! Which I did.

I found the whole site totally confusing and this just confirmed it.

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