Problem booting with new USB External HD on!

  freaky 11:01 01 Feb 07

If I boot up with the new External HD switched on, then after a short period the following message appears: - "Windows did not start successfully, a recent hardware or software change might have caused this".

It then gives a number of choices.

There is no problem if I boot with the drive switched off. And the drives functions OK when switched on after the PC has booted.

Device Manager shows the drive as (E) and healthy.

When booting with the drive ON, for a fraction of a second at the foot of the screen it mentions something about USB Mass Storage Device.

I would assume that something needs changing in the BIOS ? Any suggestions please.

  terryf 11:15 01 Feb 07

I had a similar problem but did not find the cause, one possible solution is to right click on My computer>properties>hardware>device manager and un-install ALL usb controllers then reboot and let windows re-install them.

  freaky 11:40 01 Feb 07

Thanks for the reply. Did as you suggested and the installed driver is: Microsoft Driver Date 01/07/2001 version 5.1.2535.0.

Appears to be an old driver judging by the date, but have done nothing further !

  billyliv 13:38 01 Feb 07

Him freaky, What operating system are you using?. Cheers, Bill

  freaky 13:45 01 Feb 07

Hi billyliv......XP (SP2).

The External USB HD is a Toshiba, which came with Users Guide on CD but no driver.

  skidzy 15:15 01 Feb 07

Your current driver is different to mine,same date but different driver version... mine is 5.1.2600.2180

Try updating the driver.

  freaky 15:51 01 Feb 07

My other PC has a Maxtor USB (2) External HD, just checked which driver it's using and it's the same as the one assigned to the Toshiba i.e. 0/07/01 V 5.12535.0 and can boot OK with it powered up!

  freaky 20:58 01 Feb 07

I thank all of you who have replied, but am surprised that nobody has offered a possible solution apart from terryf.....I will try that.

I have also emailed Toshiba.

  skidzy 21:26 01 Feb 07

If you are adamant you have the correct driver,maybe its a power issue as this will not boot from cold.

Though you could try and change the boot order in the bios if the external drive is bootable from the bios.

  billyliv 08:58 02 Feb 07

Hi freaky, Sorry I couldn't get back to you yesterday. When the message appears at the bottom of your screen, hit the pause key to read what it says. let us know. Hit the escape key to return. cheers, Bill

  freaky 09:12 02 Feb 07

The message at the bottom of the screen was: -

"Auto-Detecting USB Mass Storage Device

Device#01 :WDC 00B-220uc0 *HiSpeed*

01 USB Mass storage device found and configured".

Hope that helps.....freaky

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