problem after removed CleanThis

  portillo 20 Apr 11

Last night my computer was infected by CleanThis. I followed the instruction searched from web and removed several files and registries. I also used Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware scan the computer after that. Today I found that when I adjust the volume, the default beep sound was replaced by a “beep” sound come from my computer. I also notice that there is no sound when I log on/ off the window. I have reinstalled the sound drive but the problem is still here. How could I fix the problem? Please help.

  chub_tor 20 Apr 11

If you have the little loudspeaker icon on your task bar bottom right then right click it, select Sounds and a Window will open up showing the Sound Schemes available. Choose Windows Default and you should be baqck to normal operation. If you don't have the loudspeaker item then go to Control Panel and you will find it in there.

  portillo 20 Apr 11

I have already chosen the Windows default scheme. But the scheme does not seem working as I hear no sound when i empty the recycle bin.

  chub_tor 20 Apr 11

Go into Sounds as described earlier, scroll down to Windows Explorer, in that section you will find Empty Recycle Bin you should see that Windows Recycle is selected for this sound, if not Click on Browse, this should take you to Media, scroll down until you find Windows Recycle and select it. This is a very quiet "swish" are you sure you have the volume control up high enough to hear it?

  portillo 20 Apr 11

Re: chub_tor No…I mean I have always selected the default scheme. I can select sound and I can play it too. But the reasons why I think the scheme is not working as there are no sound when I actually emptying the trash or starting windows. Also…the beep sound is come from the computer but not from the speakers.

re: l24 It’s not working. Both the service has already been started.

  chub_tor 21 Apr 11

Do other sounds work on your PC, for example if you put in a CD or if you play one of the supplied tunes via Windows Media Player?

  portillo 21 Apr 11

Yes, I can play other sound.

  chub_tor 21 Apr 11

There are several solutions posted here at Kelly's Korner, scroll down to the section "Where did my sounds go?" click here


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