Problem with Adobe Flash Player 10

  leadwellie 28 Sep 11

Hi. I am having problems installing Adobe flash Player 10 on my Vista OS laptop. I have been trying for days and am getting nowhere. It begins installing but then I get a message saying something like cant contact tracker. This always happens at the 12% mark. I am therefore without flash player and as I play farmville a lot I can no longer do so.

Any suggestions from you kind people out there? I will thank you in advance for your help.


  hiwatt 28 Sep 11

I was having a problem installing the latest version from the Adobe site the other day.Uninstall any versions you have installed at the moment.Maybe runn ccleaner then install it from here (This is for firefox etc)

Here's the one for Internet explorer.

  hiwatt 28 Sep 11

Sorry here's the lonks again


  hiwatt 28 Sep 11

That should have said "links" Right third time lucky.Still waking up

  hiwatt 28 Sep 11

Ah yo'll have to copy and past the whole link to get the download or just visit here and download it yourself

  hiwatt 28 Sep 11
  hiwatt 28 Sep 11

This forum really should have an "edit" function,or even a delete post.Would make things a bit easier!

  Sea Urchin 28 Sep 11

Here are the links you need

For IE

For non-IE

  spuds 28 Sep 11

If you install, check for today's updates.


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