Problem adding floppy drive

  ventanas 08:58 12 May 06

Got a very much barebones Dell yesterday, and spent a while making a decent machine of it. Have replaced single connection hdd IDE cable and added a cradle and second hdd. Also added a cd-rw. But the problem came after I added a floppy drive. It won't even turn on. It's not difficult, just two cables which it is impossible to get the wrong way round. What I can't understand is why the power switch had no effect. The power light on the machine just blinked orange all the time. Took the fdd out and it started up fine.

The pc is a Dimension, and all the extra bits, including the fdd are from a Dimension that has been taken out of use.

Grateful for any suggestions.

  xania 09:03 12 May 06

Have you tested the FDD? It could have been dameaged when removed from the old PC. Put it back, insert a bootable floppy and see what happens.

  mgmcc 09:03 12 May 06

Does "A" drive need to be enabled as a 1.44MB 3.5" floppy drive in the BIOS?

  ventanas 09:09 12 May 06

Thanks. Yes I'd thought of both of those, but it still shouldn't stop it switching on. Refusing to boot yes, but causing the power on switch to have no effect is a very strange. I'm going to have a look in the bios later.

  ventanas 09:58 12 May 06

It's OK now.

  johnnyrocker 10:02 12 May 06

and the cure was?


  ventanas 10:55 12 May 06

No idea, just put it back in and it worked. If I'd known what it was I would have posted.

  xania 12:32 12 May 06

Ok - please mark this as resolved.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:01 12 May 06

Had this sort of thing before its down to the cable,
wrong way round at one end or other or not quite fully home at one end.

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