problem accessing the router!

  vin18 13:15 20 Nov 05

can anybody tell me how to connect a router with a laptop? I have just bought wireless router of the connectivity will go?


  BurrWalnut 13:43 20 Nov 05

Post the exact details here on the forum, i.e. make and model number.

  mgmcc 14:30 20 Nov 05

You should have instructions but, initially, you connect an ethernet cable from the laptop to the router and then type the router's IP address into a web browser to open its setup pages. It can then be configured for connecting to the ISP. You also need to set up the "wireless" connection so that it can be accessed by the wireless-enabled laptop.

  vin18 08:52 21 Nov 05

Thanks for the response. I am using ethernet ale nd connecting from my laptop to the router. I can see the led which is on on the router and can also see the icon on the bottom right corner on my pc, showing 100mbps connection.But when I tried to connect the router through hyper termical its not doing anything. do we need to plug the wireless router into the electricity socket or not?

I can ping my system with the address
pls help me what to do or give me step by step configuration.
just tell me how to connect the internet with these devices.....
laptop,1 ethernet cable(straight through), router,telephone connection....


  mgmcc 09:15 21 Nov 05

<<< But when I tried to connect the router through hyper termical its not doing anything. >>>

You cannot access the router using Hyperterminal. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer?) and enter the router's IP address into the address bar.

<<< do we need to plug the wireless router into the electricity socket or not? >>>

Yes, you do.

  vin18 09:32 21 Nov 05

I have tried to access through browser as well but its not giving any response. There are 6 ports on my router... 1 wlan port and 1 uplink port and 4 normal ports. I tried to connect cable through wlan port but it did not work either. have you got any idea what is uplink port for?


  bazb 11:01 21 Nov 05

The Uplink port is used to connect a hub or switch, it's for, if you don't have enough ports for all your PCs, (that's if you want to hard wire them).

  mgmcc 11:44 21 Nov 05

<<< 1 wlan port and 1 uplink port and 4 normal ports >>>

"WLAN" normally means "Wireless Local Area Network"; I would have expected it to be "WAN", which is "Wide Area Network" (the Internet). Depending then on whether it is a stand-alone Cable/DSL Router or a combined "Router/ADSL modem", the WAN port would be an RJ45 ethernet port to connect to an ethernet modem or an RJ11 modem port to connect directly to an ADSL enabled phone line.

To set the router up initially, you need to connect the PC by ethernet cable to one of the standard LAN (Local Area Network) ports.

Then (assuming you are using Windows XP) open the Network Connections folder in the PC, highlight the "Local Area Connection" and look at the very bottom of the blue pane on the left, where the adapter's IP address will be shown. If the adapter has been allocated an address by the router, it will be in the same range as the router - and shown as having been allocated by DHCP. If it has an address in the 169.254.x.x range or an address of then it hasn't been able to get a proper address. Give it a fixed IP address by right clicking the Local Area Connection and selecting Properties. Highlight the entry for "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click the Properties button. In the box that opens, select "Use the following IP address" and enter:

IP address - ("7" selected at random as it's unlikely to be in use)

Subnet mask -

Default gateway - {enter the ROUTER'S IP address}

Click "OK" back through the dialog boxes and close the Network Connections folder. You should now be able to access the router's Setup pages in the web browser.

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