Problem accessing Excite email account

  stlucia 21:25 20 Apr 09

I don't access my Excite email account often, but today when I tried to, I couldn't.

I can get the Excite home page okay, and log in. But when I click on the email icon I get a message, "Right now, your browser's settings are configured to disable cookies and/or javascript. In order to access your account, you must change your browser's settings to accept both cookies AND javascript. ..."

I'm using Win XP Home with all updates, and Firefox with latest update. In the Firefox setup screens, the boxes to allow cookies and javascript are both ticked. In fact, the Java logo appeared in the bottom right of my screen when I tried to access my emails.

I tried again using IE7, but get the same result.

The only thing that's changed on my PC since my last successful use of my Excite email account is that I've installed Comodo firewall in place of ZA, and I've installed Adblock. I can't see anything in the Comodo setup that could be blocking Excite email though.

  grey george 22:15 20 Apr 09

Can you disable adblock and see if that works?
I think it works in both Firefox and ie but I don't know if you have to install it both or if installing in one will intall it in both.

  stlucia 08:11 21 Apr 09

I've just tried it with Comodo and Adblock disabled, and still the same message.

Just remembered, I've also updated my free AVG to version 8 since my last visit to Excite, so I've disabled that and still get the error.

Excite has always worked for me in the past using Firefox, and other applications using cookies and java give me no problems. Excite is not something you have to install -- you just access the site on the web the normal way.

  stlucia 19:49 21 Apr 09

Checking Firefox again, even though "Accept cookies" was ticked, I checked the "Exceptions" list and found there. Removed it and all is well again. How do those exceptions get added -- I've never been asked if I want to block anything?

Just checked my IE7 privacy settings, and found also blocked there. I only use IE7 when something won't work with Firefox (very rare), so how has got added to its block list?

  grey george 21:15 21 Apr 09

Must be aliens. I think that some of the anti adware/spyware programmes may block sites when you update there databases. (I thought excite was a browser plugin/addon)

  stlucia 07:42 22 Apr 09

I've got Adblock Plus, which is a Firefox addon. Maybe that's the culprit.

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