Problem accessing ['D'] second hard drive.

  gerdy 13:08 02 Oct 05

This is a request from my son in Spain. He has stored on his 'D' drive about 25gig of music files,[professional entertainer all legal]. He is unable to access 'D' drive [due to possible partition damage?] and gets an error message "unknown file format".Any suggestions please? I've not come across this before.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 02 Oct 05

1. does the drive show in BIOS

2. If he is trying to view NTFS drive on system other than XP this message will come up.

3. possible loose / faulty IDE cable.

4. Uninstall and reinstall IDE channels in device manager.

  gerdy 00:03 03 Oct 05

Hi Fruit bat,
The drive shows in Bios;
The system has been running under XP Pro for 3 years with no problems and the case has not been opened;
The drive has been tried on 2 other computers running the same copy of XP, so possibly not an IDE fault.
Thanks for your reply, I've tried all the obvious causes I can think of.

  billyliv 00:21 03 Oct 05

Hi, Normally the 'D' Drive is DVD or CD Rom. Go into Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, Administrative Tools, double Click Computer Management, Double click Disk Management and see if any drive letters have been changed. ( It has been known for updates to do this). My own drive letters are all over the place. eg. My system disk which used to be 'C' is now 'I'. Cheers, Bill.L.

  gerdy 11:56 03 Oct 05

Hi billyliv. It's definately a problem acessing the 2nd hard drive because the fault shows on 3 computers with this drive installed as a slave. It could be something really simple as you suggest though. Thanks for your reply.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:32 03 Oct 05

fault shows on 3 computers with this drive installed as a slave.

So definately a corrupt drive

run XP CD into recovery consul, change to d:\ scan drive and type fixmbr at the prompt

Using Recovery Consul
click here
click here

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