Probably A Silly Question But...

  Mac70 17:00 03 Jul 07

Got myself a Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard a few weeks back and the batteries ran out on the mouse after a week. I thought it was over use but when I put the new batteries in today I noticed the optical light came straight on, even with everything else switched off. (The reciever is attached to a KVM switch.)

There's nothing in the "manual", so how do I switch off the mouse without having to remove a battery every time?

  ventanas 17:03 03 Jul 07

Leave it alone and it will go off by itself. It will resume if you pick it up. The old batteries must have been past it. I have two Logitech Wireless mice and keyboard setups, and I change batteries very rarely.

  crosstrainer 17:05 03 Jul 07

I had exactly the same problem with my cordless mouse...chewed through batteries at an expensive rate of knots....So, I have disconnected the cordeless mouse, and gone back to a corded model.

The weird thing is, the cordless keyboard which I am still using has a huge battery life. It must be that mouse motion requires more power than keystrokes.

  Mac70 17:08 03 Jul 07

They were brand new batteries. Could be a faulty mouse, I did buy from Tesco. Ill leave it on something glass to be sure the light goes out.

  Quiet Life 17:21 03 Jul 07

I used rechargeables in a creative mouse which (2x1500ma) lasted about 2 weeks. certainly seemed to use power even if not moved. Went back to a corded one in the end.

  Mac70 17:36 03 Jul 07

I tried it but the light just dims and flickers, doesn't go out properly. Looks like I'll just have to keep removing the battery as my corded mouse is a USB and the KVM switch is PS/2. I cant be bothered changing the mouse from box to box all the time.

  crosstrainer 18:01 03 Jul 07

Corded ps2 mouse from Tesco's the one I got (three button, scroll etc) £2.45... canr go wrong. Also the light on the mouse (on mine anyway) indicates that the batteries are I ever got was about 10 days use. the only other way around it is to buy an (exoensive) rechargeable mouse that sits in a cradle when not in use, connected to a mains charger 20:23 03 Jul 07

Get one of these.

click here

  interzone55 20:45 03 Jul 07

I've had a couple of logitech cordless mice and normally I got a good few months out of decent alkaline batteries.

Do you have a proper mouse mat? Ive found from experience if the mouse is on a shiny surface the sensor can be triggered by changes in light / shadows etc which drains the batteries quite quickly.

I have a trust mouse at the moment and when this goes into sleep mode I have to press a button to wake it.

  Mac70 20:47 03 Jul 07

Yeah, I have a proper mouse mat. It's not really a big problem pulling the battery out. Just need to slide the top off.

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