Prob With Files On Memory Stick

I have copied some files on to a memory stick, music, pics, docs etc. The files are a total of 1.33GB in size but when I try to put it back on PC it won't recognise any files on there! What can I do to get the data back please?

  ArrGee 21:48 09 Apr 08

This could be a very simple fault. When you transfer the files from a PC to a memory stick, you will find a file transfer window on your screen to show the progression of the transfer.

Whilst the progress on screen may show 'complete', you may still need an extra 10-15 seconds before the transfer is acutally complete.

I am sure it completed. But what can I do now as the drive has been formatted that is why I put the data on a stick. Plus it is showing just one icon rather than the 6 or 7 folders that was transferred i.e pix, music etc...

  Technotiger 08:20 10 Apr 08

What results do you get if you check the sticks' Properties in My Computer.

Also what is the one icon that is showing, and what happens if you click on that icon?

  Terry Brown 09:38 10 Apr 08

You could try a data recovery program like CDCHECK (free trial) and select recovery, however memory sticks are basicly transfer devices and the contents are easily lost.

It is an 8GB stick and it says used as 3GB!! The icon shows the TV type icon with the 3 little symbols in it and it is called 'square'(a symbol). When I double click it it says 'open with'?

  Technotiger 09:46 10 Apr 08

So does it give you a choice of program to 'Open with' ?

  Technotiger 09:46 10 Apr 08

Or does it show 'Explore' if so click on Explore or Open.

If I choose explore>open it asks me what program do I want to open it with.

  Technotiger 10:07 10 Apr 08

So what program do you choose to open it?

  Technotiger 10:09 10 Apr 08

Does it give you a list of programs to choose from?

If not, then try My Documents for a start.

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