Prob with Adobe flash player

  Hetti 20:33 19 May 09

While browsing the internet I get a window asking me to install Adobe flash player, although I already have it installed this happens maybe 4/5 times during the day.
I tried uninstalling/reinstalling but this still happens.
My PC runs OK but this is annoying and I would like to correct it if possible.
Win Vista prem
IE 8

  birdface 20:43 19 May 09

Nothing but problems with Flash and Vista.Looks like a long it could be a long thread,I have not seen a fix for it yet.maybe use the flash removal tool.And then download an older version.

  Hetti 20:56 19 May 09

Thanks where would I get the removal tool from?

  Hetti 21:00 19 May 09

OK buteman I found it

  birdface 10:44 20 May 09

Any luck yet.Lots of folk using Vista have the same problem so if you manage to fix it let us know as the information will be useful to others.

  Hetti 14:52 20 May 09


I uninstalled flash player then installed old version 8, but it made no difference still getting the same message:>(

  birdface 17:56 20 May 09

Ok.Thanks for getting back to me.Looks like a hard one to fix.I think most are waiting for flash 11 to come out with a fix for it.If I find a fix for it i will post it on here for you .but it is doubtful at the moment.

lets hope someone will come up with a remedy for it.

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