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  User-178362 22:27 07 Sep 05

I am getting an Icon with an eye and a no go sign at the bottom of the screen. What is this telling me. Can I view it or leave it alone?

  Diodorus Siculus 22:32 07 Sep 05

Right click on it and see what it says.

  mec13 23:27 07 Sep 05

System is xp home/sp2 etc. the guest account is of, (I think) I have the 'Administator account'. Is this the reason why I have no 'User account' link in the Control Panel, or is there something wrong somewhere.

One way I found to open the 'User Accounts' is whilst in the Control Panel, into 'System', click on the 'advanced tab', click on the 'settings' button in 'user profiles' where there is a link to 'User Accounts'

I'm sure there was a 'User account' icon in the control panel at one time, or has my tinkering somehow removed it.

  mec13 23:32 07 Sep 05

sea princess, sorry about this , must be half asleep.

put my posting onto yours, I'll slap my wrist for you.

  Skills 02:03 08 Sep 05

I believe it is telling you that it has blocked a cookie from the website.

  Diodorus Siculus 07:26 08 Sep 05

Small eye, White box, and a Red X?, Part 2
"" The small eye indicates that you have a privacy report. It is nothing malicious. Double click it and you will receive a privacy report related to the site you are visiting. It will show you what you have restricted such as cookies and other items. "

Side note: A cookie is a file that holds tracking information about a web site you've visited. Cookies are written to your computer through the web browser you use (for example: Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc). Not all cookies are bad: some web sites use cookies to "remember you" the next time you login to a web site.

On the other hand, third party ("bad cookies") are tagged onto your computer with an affiliate ID number for the purpose of a commissioned sale. For example: Let's say you visited, and a link you clicked on caused you to be redirected to another web site, called If you purchase a product online, the owner of may receive a commissioned sale (through a cookie) for having directed you to Got it?

Ed Z. writes:

" The small eye in the white box is a security warning from Internet Explorer warning that there are cookies at the site you are visiting and IE is blocking the cookies per your settings. When there is a red X, it means you are not blocking any cookies or private info. To check the settings click Start, Control Panel, Internet settings, Security. ""
click here

  User-178362 19:49 08 Sep 05

It is an eye in the right bottom corner next to Internet icon, with a red ball and a white line going through it just like a No entry sign. There isn't a red cross. I am only on this forum site. but the PC isn't mine. I deleted there cookies on the Ad-Aware. Do you think I might have done something wrong?

  VoG II 19:52 08 Sep 05

Double click it to find out what it has blocked.

  User-178362 19:59 08 Sep 05

It said recordhit. It said show restricted web sites, but I did not click on that. Is this to do with me or there PC?

  VoG II 20:05 08 Sep 05

It is the settings on their PC.

All it is telling you is that IE is blocking a cookie. Nothing to worry about.

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