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  nick_j007 10 Feb 10

Should I have one on my web site folks?

Am having it redone currently and read one that brioght my attaention to the idea on another site here click here

I shall have a newsletter option. Would rather avoid overload of info...but what do you think please?

Thank you.

  Forum Editor 11 Feb 10

A simple statement along the following lines will suffice:-

"Any information you provide to us will be regarded as confidential, and will not be disclosed to a third party for any reason without your prior consent. Your information will be stored securely, and used solely for the purpose for which it was provided. We will not send you unsolicited marketing information of any kind, or contact you by phone, post, or email unless you have indicated your consent.

You may request that your information is deleted from our records at any time by emailing (supply address)."

If you use cookies on your site you must tell people, and if you invite people to subscribe to a newsletter you must provide them with an opt-in option - do not operate on an opt-out policy.

  Ansolan 11 Feb 10

All covered above, if you happen to want to read through the long-winded version to see if any apply, there are sample documents and guidelines on click here

  nick_j007 11 Feb 10

Love the short version there. Just right. Simple without being off putting.

With your permission I'll use that?

Resolved thank you again.


  Forum Editor 12 Feb 10

I wrote it myself, so there are no restrictions.


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