Priority to one PC on a router for internet access

  Ray5776 21:39 14 Nov 07

Hi everyone,
Don`t know if this is possible. I have a home network of 3 PC`s via a Linksys wired router.
ISP is talktalk and their quoted connection speeds leave a lot to be desired.
Seems to me that if other PC`s are downloading videos and music for instance my simple requirements do not enter the equation.
Is it possible to set my PC to have priority, ie give me first access to whatever connection there is.


  Ray5776 22:28 14 Nov 07


  Ray5776 23:18 14 Nov 07

Short of replies on this, thought it may be a tricky one.


  brundle 23:58 14 Nov 07

Only expensive kit has the ability to prioritize devices or traffic, if there are no options in your router's set up pages for such a thing, you're out of luck.

  Ashrich 00:12 15 Nov 07

There may be settings that can be tweaked in the QOS ( quality of service ) section , I have a look at a Linksys forum , like this one click here , if you join you can ask the question there , American site mainly , but the settings , if they exist , will be the same .


  Ray5776 19:02 15 Nov 07

Thanks, brundle & Ashley for your suggestions, I have
my own solution now, if I can`t get a connection I will turn the others off. Simple but effective.
Abused by the kids needless to say.


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