Printmaster Greeting Cards problem

  Tangotaffy 21:39 27 Oct 05

I had this bought for me as a present. click here
Unfortunately it seems to need specific Avery size paper to work. I can't find any way to use A4 paper with it. To be precise the image is off centre on the A4 page and it does not seem to be possible to adjust it. Help please.

  mgmcc 11:14 28 Oct 05

Is there not an option to use a "Custom" paper size, in addition to the pre-defined sizes, so that you can set up your own using the dimensions for A4?

  LAP 16:40 28 Oct 05

I have PrintMaster 16. Is this what you are looking for? File/Printer Setup/Alignment. There are 6 settings mine are as follows: 4.1333 0.1167 0.1167 5.8458 0.1167 0.1167

  Dumble452 11:11 29 Oct 05

The custom paper option is only available if you pay $19.99 to upgrade!

  LAP 17:20 29 Oct 05

Is there anybody there?

  woodchip 19:27 29 Oct 05

Look under File in Menu for printer setup

  LAP 18:32 30 Oct 05

Is there anybody there?

  LAP 19:00 01 Nov 05

Is there anybody there?

  LAP 18:21 02 Nov 05

It's a learning curve. :-) Please reply.

  Tangotaffy 19:51 03 Nov 05

Been away from the computer for a few days. There was no way to use A4 paper without paying to upgrade. My wife still had the receipt so we took it back to Staples and got a refund. Lesson learned.

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