Printing from Word on Network

  Strawballs 17:57 01 Feb 09

I have a Laptop with Vista home Basic and 2 other machines on my network with printers attached to them both running XP. Both the printers are set up on the laptop and are showing in the printers folder and will print a test page but when I try printing from word it says the printer is not replying and then says that there is no default printer then gives me the list of printers but the make this printer button is greyed out.

  laurie53 20:06 01 Feb 09

In "device Manager" try uninstalling the printer then re-installing.

  Strawballs 20:14 01 Feb 09

Will try that but have uninstalled and installed through printer folder

  Strawballs 20:27 01 Feb 09

I have just looked in device manager but there are no printers there at all I can only assume that is because they are network printers and not direct to the Laptop.

  Woolwell 21:29 01 Feb 09

In Control panel - printer are any of the printers set as default?

  Strawballs 21:49 01 Feb 09

Yes when I look in the printers in control panel there is a default one and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and setting to default.

  Woolwell 22:07 01 Feb 09

The bit that puzzles me is that you can print a test page but not from Word. Have you tried from any other program?

  Strawballs 22:43 01 Feb 09

Not at the moment will try excel

  Strawballs 23:03 01 Feb 09

Printed the forum rules from the PDF file but the progress box was up for about 5min's before it even started, I am really begining to hate Vista I never had this sort of trouble with XP or even 98se

  Strawballs 17:18 02 Feb 09

Tried setting the HP printer on my sons PC to default and it works fine, I can see the Epson on my daughters PC from the laptop but cannot connect to it through Word will try uninstalling the printer from the host PC and reinstalling it on there.

  Strawballs 08:53 03 Feb 09

will click as resolved because one will work.

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