Printing a Word document.

  TonyV 20:10 17 Mar 08

I have just received an e mail that has a form in a Word style document that I can fill up and then presumably return to the sender. The Form seems fine in itself and I can go to the various boxes and fill the information up with no problems. (It appears to be protected so that Joe Public cannot make any changes to it.) However, when I come to print the form out on my HP930C, the preview shows everything there, but the printer only prints the top header and nothing of the form at all! Essentially a blank sheet is thrown out of the printer! There doesn't appear to be any problem with the printer in that it will print any other document I care to throw at it and it is my default printer.

I tried printing on the Epson R300 and it all printed well there. So, why can I not print it on the HP 930C?



  Pine Man 20:19 17 Mar 08

There maybe some form of (print) protection built in. If you really need a copy get it on screen then hit the Prt Scr button then paste into paint or something similar then print.

  Pine Man 20:20 17 Mar 08

Sorry just read your thread again and realised that it would print on one printer and not the other - sorry must try harder in future!

  TonyV 20:21 17 Mar 08

I can accept that, but cannot see why it prints on my Epson but not on the HP!


  TonyV 16:50 18 Mar 08

Any one else got any comments to make?



  TonyV 20:20 15 Apr 08

To close this one out, I thought you might like to know the end result. When looking at the HP930C printer and changing the cartridges, I noticed there was a missing vertical metal spring in the cartridge receipt pocket for the black cartridge. I spoke to HP and was told there was nothing that could be done, but it was necessary to have the spring in position. The method of approach to get over the problem was to bin the printer and buy another one. Something about in-built obsolescence!



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