printing off Win2K OS on XP printer

  Bargee 13:54 PM 09 Jun 11


I share a printer between 2 PCs, 1 running XP Home, the other Win2K. All new printers no longer recognise Win2K as far as I'm aware, so is it possible to set up the Win2K PC to operate a printer built for XP or higher or am I going to have to upgrade that PCs OS?


  Bargee 15:57 PM 09 Jun 11

Just heard from Kodak Support on this &their inspirational response is to upgrade the OS. In otherwords, they've copped out & stated the b**ing obvious! I know that IF there is a solution, one of you guys out there will know it.

  mgmcc 17:10 PM 09 Jun 11

Even if you're printing via a printer connected to an XP PC and set as "shared", you still need to have the Windows 2000 drivers in the PC that's running that operating system.

  Bargee 08:03 AM 10 Jun 11

Thanks mgmcc, it really does look like I'm stuffed on this one. Kodak do not have any Win2K drivers for this printer, I suppose that if they did, they'd be on the printer's CDROM & there's no sign of them.

Cheers anyway.


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